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Successful at the Take A Part Soup Event, By Design was able to deliver a 8 week theatre programme to residents in Manor Court Care Home using the Efford Fund. 


In January 2019, we started a amazing weekly journey with a group who had a strong desire to explore props, singing, movement and storytelling.  We had at least 11 every week, joining in, eating cake and sipping tea with us. At the end of the course, we performed the story they had created to staff members, family and friends. We laughed so much and had such a lovely and inspirational time.


This pilot started our By Design journey with the older generation. We learnt so much. It confirmed the need for theatre activities to be present in the lives of those who may be isolated or struggle with accessibility.



'After speaking to some of the residents they said it was really nice to see young people doing something for the elder generation and they really enjoyed spending the time with you both. The oldest lady is 104 and I believe the youngest was 78. They really enjoyed the last performance acting out the rowing boat and the water. Was lovely to see lots of passion from you both.'


Yasmine Perry

Manor Court

Care Assistant/Activities Team


manor court pilot