Socially engaged collection of artists who want to use the theatre and the arts to make a sustainable impact in people's lives. Finding the gaps where theatre belongs.

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Ashleigh Edwards

Ashleigh has recently graduated from Guildford School of Acting with a first class degree in Theatre and Performance. Born and bred in Devon, Ashleigh is thrilled to be perusing her dream career as a freelance Actor. Since graduating Ashleigh has been in a series of performances such as Radiant Christmas Grotto, POI:SON, Candlelight Murder Mystery Company as well as being resident performer for Bristol based theatre company Oooh Arrrr Productions, the Ghost Show and Santa in the Caves at Kents Cavern. Ash teaches for PQA Torbay, DSM for High School Musical JR, teaching for Exeter School of Drama, has set up her own Improvisation Drama Group, ASM for The Boat Shed Festival and many more. Ashleigh initiated bringing together a group of artists to create a theatre programme that Devon can value, By Design. This project will make a difference for many lives, bring socially engaged professional artists to their local community.

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'For the past several months, Ashleigh has been working with me to help me prepare for my audition for the National Youth Theatre. She helped me to select a published play that would best suit my style and we worked on developing my technique so that on the day, I felt more confident with my performance, interview and the workshop. I have also been attending Ashleigh’s weekly Improvisation drama sessions which have been great fun and I believe this has made me a more confident person in other areas of my life. Ashleigh is great fun to work with. She is an incredibly supportive, positive, friendly and creative person and I really enjoy working with her.'


Alex Still, 16, Student