Friends Across the Sea, here we come!

By By Design, Dec 6 2018 02:08PM

We are over the moon and thrilled to announce that By Design Theatre, in partnership with Plymouth AGE UK, were successful in the first round of funding for the Mayflower 400 events. Funded by Vital Sparks, led by Fiona Evans (middle in pic) has meant that By Design can led creative workshops for the members of the Plymouth AGE UK community, starting in September 2019.

12 workshops, once a month, with a focus on the Mayflower narrative and the themes that speak to the older generation. Not only are we excited about designing this amazing programme but with the help from Lynne Hodgeson (right in pic) we were able to team up with Cozy Corner, a care home in the USA to work with. This means we have 'Friends Across the Sea,' which we can't wait to share with, devise with and work towards a theatrical expression of our journey over the year.

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