Its been a long 5 months.

By By Design, Sep 10 2020 05:07PM

Well, I got out my diary to start putting things in especially now my little one has gone back to school and its stops in September. I haven’t used it for 5 months so half a year has just been wasted. In paper terms. In actual terms its been full of family, becoming a key worker and redesigning our programme Friends Across The Sea into what is now The View Through My Window.

The view through my window is sunny and I think that is part of the reason I'm still mostly sane because its been a bright 5 months, weather wise. I guess as a team we wanted to make sure that the feeling of sunlight can still shine in many different ways in households that are isolating, shielding and just in the repetitiveness of lockdown. Armed with our tools, we designed a pack full of games like word searches and jumbles, creative tasks that allow you to evaluate your thoughts and memories and activities that explore the Mayflower 400 and inform you of its journey in a creative way.

I’ve gone on about it a lot, the packs, and that because its free and we are proud of what we have done. So proud that AGE UK Plymouth put them in their care boxes and Exeter City Council gave us a grant to create a DVD resource that went alongside the Creative Activity Pack. Yes, we are now producing a DVD. (Most care homes are limited when it comes to technology but most have a trusty DVD player)

The last blog entry was from when we launched our Friends Across The Sea project and since then quite a lot has changed but not the determination that the older generation need and deserve access to the arts. Why? Because its fun, uplifting, different, creative, expressive and normally reveals some weird and wonderful life experiences and skills amongst our older members. Like making cushions for the Queen, (true story) to painting a version of the new world full of UFO’s and writing poems about the fact that for them, this is not their first lockdown.

We now have a full team, three core members and one lovely associate artist who you will know if you joined us for the 10 weeks of live streamed Bingo during lockdown on Facebook. She did all the bingo cards! As a company we have been running for over two years and we have achieved a variety of good quality projects, that have made a difference to peoples lives.

Our motto is and we will continue to do all three of these things in the near future. As we turn on our camera’s from our front living rooms or in Ash’s case, on the top of Dartmoor with her dog, to record snippets for the DVD’s that will facilitate the packs for care homes, I hope the joy we get from theatre will also radiant into the residents care home.

Even if Autumn is upon us, lockdown restrictions are still playing a part in our lives, it will be sunny somewhere when our project takes the next step and you can have the whole team in your front living room, virtually.

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