We launch next week!

By By Design, Sep 19 2019 12:52PM

Starting this September on the 25th, By Design will be working with AGE UK Plymouth to deliver a monthly workshop until next September 2020, where we will be holding a celebration event. Each month, we will take an artistic approach to exploring the Mayflower story with clients of AGE UK and those from the surrounding area who use the facilities. We will look at themes and subject matter and discuss and create according to the groups abilities and desires. This journey of discovery and conversation will ultimately work towards a presentation next year that anyone can attend and celebrate the passions and thoughts of the Mayflower story through the eyes of the older generation.

'Friends Across the Sea,’ will aim to connect and create with others from America so the end product is a result of collaboration and creativity as well involve a range of citizens from Plymouth. We will be using live feeds, social media and word of mouth to find as many people as possible to either join the group at Mount Gould Day Centre or respond to our activities and workshops online and send us your art work, videos, photos to add to the collection of creative repsonses from our group.


Taster Workshops for anyone over the age of 60, we want to include the experiences and voices of as diverse a group of older people as we can. If your under 60 and are interested in being part of the process come along as well. We have tea and cake!

25th Sep

30th Oct

20th Nov

18th Dec

Come along, chat with us and slip tea and eat cake. We will explain the project and why we need you!

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