Care Homes look after the most vulnerable people within our community, often stretched and under a huge amount of pressure.


The staff, that we have come across, are determined, caring and go the extra mile. During the Covid-19 crisis, most were pushed to the limit causing staff to be drained and exhausted.


By Design suddenly saw another gap. How can we support the staff to deliver our Creative Activity Packs?


Can we create a resource that will facilitate the paper pack, aid delivery and ignite staff morale rather than add to the work load?


The answer is yes.







The DVD is currently being made. It will have 12 chapters that contain a variety of short videos that introduce the main activities and tasks as well as the Mayflower Story and an extras section that includes a quiz, singing and movement workshops and a poetry inspired challenge.


Funded by Exeter City Council and funds held on our behalf by the wonderful Exeter Community Initiative.


Priority will be Exeter based Care Homes first. If interested in the DVD, from any location, please contact us.

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dvd resource

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