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friends across the sea


Funded by the Vital Sparks Mayflower 400 Community Fund in partnership with AGE UK Plymouth.



Many opportunities for active engagement, fun and good company are needed to give those who may struggle to find a purpose in their lives, an active focus which in turn can improve their social networks and overall health and wellbeing.' Lynne Hodgeson, Interim Deputy Chief Executive


After the success of our brilliant pilot in a care home, we went on to identify that festivities for the older generation regarding the Mayflower 400 were limited. We approached Plymouth AGE UK with a desire to work together and contribute to the celebrations.


We succesfully received funding to break down the Mayflower Story using the offical educational packs into 12 easy bite sizes. This meant participants could attend one workshop each month for a year. The 13th session would be a celebration event where By Design would collate all the expressions of creativity to present.


*This project changed into the View From My Window in response to Covid-19.