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We identified festivities for the older generation for the Mayflower 400 were limited and approached Plymouth AGE UK with a desire to together, contribute to the celebrations. Many opportunities for active engagement, fun and good company are needed to give those who may struggle to find a purpose in their lives, an active focus which in turn can improve their social networks and overall health and wellbeing. Thanks to the Vital Sparks Mayflower 400 fund.



By Design Collective will break down the Mayflower Story from the Mayflower school pack into 12 easy bite sizes for each workshop. This means that participants will be able to attend one workshop each month for a year. Age UK Plymouth have linked up with a Care Home, Cozy Corner in Plymouth Massachuttes USA who have agreed to be part of, and respond to the project. This means that each workshop will be designed with Cozy Corner section in mind. The 13th session will be a celebration of the 12 workshops held within the year.

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