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By Design Theatre Collective was founded by Ashleigh Edwards with a vision to work with other interdisciplinary artists. Charlie Ranken and Ryan Wlice saw the positives of working in a collective and joined, creating the company in late 2018.


Our mission is pretty simple. See a gap that theatre can fill, design a project, enjoy the end result.


Our ethos as a core team, as freelancers is to be passionate about our projects and at the same time, allow freedom for the team to manage multiple freelance contracts. We are aware of the unique world of the freelancer so our core team swap and switch leadership on projects. Each core team member takes on many roles to make a project work.







We create projects with people in mind.


We are currently designing projects for the older generation. Check out our free Creative Activity Packs and soon to be available, free DVD resource on our home page.


If you would like us to design a programme, of any kind, to fill a gap in the community, let us know.


Get in touch.