'The proportion in England aged 65-74 who engaged with the arts once a year, has increased by 8%, over the last two years' (The Stage, April 2018).


'43% of older people said they would engage with the arts if it wasn’t for two barriers, physical access and social isolation.' (Arts Professional, Oct 2018) 


With a quater of people in the UK above retirement age by 2030, By Design want to make sure that creative theatre programmes are available to those over 65. Its clear that the older generation definitely want to be involved in the arts, it is therefore extremely important that there are opportunities for them to do so. As a team, we hope, we can still acesss creative services at 30, 40, 50, 60, 108, irrelevant of age.


With this in mind, By Design have created a tailored 8 week programme especially for care homes. Making sure residents are proactively involved in activities and supporting them to participant in the actual programming, devising and production of theatre. Looking at elements of theatre the group have a desire to explore, the course results in a sharing to staff, friends and family of the piece produced. Obviously, with a great deal of tea, cake and friendly chat to fuel us all through the process. 8 Weeks of Joy is currently unable to be offered because of the Covid-19 restrictions. Please see alternative projects such as View Through My Window.


care homes


‘I love the singing, dancing and laughter’

‘Jolly good. Very enthusiastic and when you come in you sweep us along singing’  

‘I love the laughter because when it came out it was warm and spontaneous.’