Suddenly in 2020, we experienced a gap (where our face to face workshops would normally be) that we couldn't physically fill. So after a short, quick and intentional conversation with AGE UK Plymouth and the Vital Sparks Fund, we designed and launched a Creative Activity Pack. 12 worksheets that could go where we couldn't.


For a good 5 months and for others more, vulnerable people have been isolated, sheilding and in lockdown. There was a widespread rise in loneliness not to mention boredom from those who are not technology privy.


AGE UK Plymouth gave out over 100 care boxes in the first few months and our packs went inside.



The pack is 12 worksheets that follow the Mayflower journey. Each sheet has either a snippet of the story or a main activity. You can then chose one (or all) of the three creative tasks under the headers Isolation, Celebration and Gratitude. These themes rose to surface when doing doing our face to face workshops at AGE UK Plymouth. They also work extremely well with the current context we are in and lockdown.


It is a pick and mix situation, where you can follow the worksheets in order weekly, daily or all in one go or select tasks that connect with a particular mood.


Take a look here. Get in contact for more info.

Activity 11

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