Definition - by design:


: according to plan : by intention

: deliberate purposive planning

: to create, fashion, execute, or construct according to plan

Seeking a gap


We look for opportunity, we explore ideas and ponder, is anyone else doing this? Are our ideas beneifical for the community? Can we meet a need in a creative way? Can we achieve this together? 

seek. design. enjoy.

what we do

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We are a collective of artists with different strengths and skills that work together to make projects happen, enabling parts of the community to benefit from the positives that theatre can bring.


We seek to find the gaps that no-one else seems to be filling. We design programmes, plays, resources to support the people in that place. Then we enjoy the process together or hand over our hard work so others can enjoy the fruits of it without us.


We work uniquely together as a core team and interlock with other Assoicate Artists along the way as well as specialist organisations to help our projects come to life.